For decades, people in Charleston came to Crosby’s Dock for many reasons. From meeting the fish, crab, oyster and shrimp boats, buying fresh local seafood for sit down feasts, to joining the Crosby family for special events, locals and visitors alike have associated Crosby’s Dock as a place for fresh seafood and good time gatherings.

Rehearsal Dinners

The masculine setting of being on a dock sets the scene for most grooms. We find often that this becomes the “Welcome to the Lowcountry” party as guests always wish to be on the water. What a great way to start the weekend.

Corporate Events

After being in a hotel ballroom for a day of meetings and breakout sessions, guests so enjoy arriving at this venue, finding a libation, and enjoying the epic sunset. The authenticity of being entertained on a working dock and participating in LOCAL – beer, spirits, cuisine and entertainment, creates lifelong memories.

Weddings & Receptions

Some couples arrive by boat, walk onto the dock and have a quick ceremony. Some place rows of chairs for small affairs and then repurpose them for seating tables. The casualness of this special venue lends itself for those that want an event to just evolve – no planners with clipboards running about.

Other Celebrations

From birthday parties to anniversary parties to product launches, we have done it all at this venue. The setting creates a sense of ease and lack of pretense that makes all of your guests feel right at home.